Discover our collection of stylish and customizable keychains. Add a personal touch to your keys or give them as thoughtful gifts. Always staying safe is the only way.


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Welcome to Keylee Flair. As a daughter, sister, aunt, best friend, and future mom during unpredictable times, one of my top priorities is safety. I wanted to come up with a household brand of effortless protection for everyone. Safety Keychains created by Keylee Flair have been an amazing adventure. With it being your keys, it's easy to remember. Enhance your ascetic all with the capability of protection. Cute, discreet, and impactful protection is my passion and mission to ensure every household has additional safety options. I hand stitch every handmade wristlet. It will be my absolute pleasure to assist you with your safety options. My customers are dear to me and my number one priority here at Keylee Flair. As always stay safe and amazing

  • Lia

    Thank you so much for my defense keychain! Packaging was very cute. I'm am imp with how the keychain looks identical to the picture. Thank you so much. I will be back again.

  • Evelyn

    Thank you so much for my keychain Keylee Flair. I felt so safe by myself when at my storage and walking my dog at night. This has been such a game changer for my anxiety.

  • Ashley

    Defense Keychains are a must. I appreciate the affordable price and so many colors. I'm to scared to have a firearm, so this is such an amazing safety tool.Great to have on the go. Thanks, Keylee Flair


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